Leandros, Vicky - Vicky (Japan CD Album)

Leandros, Vicky - Vicky (Japan CD Album)
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Vicky Leandros - Vicky

Format: CD Album
Country of manufacture: Made in Japan
Released: 1989 (1995)
Label: Philips Records
Cat.-No.: PHCA-3051
Note: in Jewel-Case
Condition: near mint (like NEW)

1. L'amour Est Blue

2. Machi-Kutabireta Nichiyobi (Japanese)

3. Massachusetts

4. My Love's Gone And The Memories

5. Dance With Me Until Tomorrow

6. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

7. As Time Gose By - Toki No Nagare No Yoni (Japanese)

8. LeTemps Des Fleurs

9. Casa Bianca

10. Ouvre Les Yeux Sur Le Monde

11. Watashi No Suki Na Chocolate (Japanese)

12. Kleiner Prinz (Japanese)

13. Sunshine Boy

14. Foggy Night - Yogiri No Naka De (Japanese)

15. Apres Toi

16. Come Je Suis

17. Mamy Blue

18. My Sweet Lord (Japanese)

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