About us

What is Music Pleasuredome?

In the meantime, Music-Pleasuredome is an established home-order shop from Castrop-Rauxel (Germany) which satisfies the wishes of collectors from all over the world.
Arisen out of a video film distribution and the passion as a CD collector of the manager the history of our enterprise began in 1997. During the first four years we offered our collectorsitems under the name "MM" via catalogue, CD fairs and via the magazine "Musik-Flohmarkt". In 2001 we have renamed ourselves in "Music-Pleasuredome", extended our offer and build our first webshop.
Today there are more than 4000 rare items on CD, vinyl and video/DVD in the Online-Shop. Of course it's importance for us that we can offer the real rarities to you - not the mass-produced articles which you can find in any other online or real record shop.
In addition we offer a professionally service to our customers: We work with the private search lists of our customers and try to find the desired pieces within shortest time. This offer is taken up very often and we can look with proud to our success. A lot of customers confirms us in our doing - this already since more than 10 years.

Our request:

We would not like to do "simple selling"! Our customers appreciate our personal handling and the individually expert guidance. We take time for you and your request. Music Pleasuredome does not want to be "Germany´s largest second hand seller" - we rather let other sellers make promotion with this slogan. Our mission is quality and your satisfaction - not a flood of standart items and fast making money. In addition the customer should have a good feeling, if he buys at Music Pleasuredome via internet. We eliminate the general uncertainty with Online-Business with honesty and reliability. You search very long at other Online-Shops for the warranties we offer you: Full right of return and fast supply are only two of the confirmed warranties which are offered to you. Only if you are content at the end of the transaction, we are content too!